Wednesday, August 1, 2012

July Wrap-Up

Well this past month I was able to find my stitching mojo but worked only a little bit.  I am finding I get distracted pretty easily and especially with the Olympics I have been somewhat glued to my tv.  But I am stitching a little here and there during the boring parts of the Olympics... i.e... commercials and whatever sport I find boring.  I am happy that the US womens gymnastics got gold, but disappointed to what happened to Jordyn Wieber.  Even though she is a great gymnast, that day she just didn't perform and that's the day it really counts not your past trials.  I have also watch Equestrian as well.  I do love equestrian and actually pretty exciting that Mitt Romney's wife Ann Romney has a horse that is competing in the Olympics as well.  Even though the US didn't place at all it's still a fun fact.  I have always wanted to do equestrian.... but....  I just don't like the dressage part... it's like watching paint dry!  Swimming I just watch bits and pieces and that's it.  I am finding there are more and more controversies happening at evey olympics, even in badminton.  BADMINTON!!!  Seriously?!?!  here's the low down if you didn't know... Four teams (8 players in all) were disqualified from the Olympics this year for trying to manipulate who they played in the knock-out round by purposely throwing the round-robin stage to get an easier match-up later.  Seriously... what's next ping pong?

enough about that onto cross stitching.

Goals for July:

1.  Stitch on my Mermaids.  I did, buuuut.... I had to frog it all.2.  Finish up my new start for my nieces'.  Getting closer but no cigar.
3. Work on my UFO's. eeeehhhh......4. Do a Wine review.  (I feel as though this should never be on my goal list lol.).  Yeeesss!!

Goals for August:

1.  Finish my nieces' piece.
2.  work on my UFO's.
3.  Do a wine review.

I am keeping it simple this month for who knows what will happen!

Thursday, July 19, 2012


This is my first TUSAL and for those of you that don't know what it means... it means... uuuhhh... *Goes to look it up for a refresher*  "Totally Useless Stitch-A-Long".  It's mainly a jar or any container that you want to use to keep all the threadings from your stitching.  I have been doing this already but have not really participated and I was one of those... "What the Stitch?!?!"  Whenever I saw the pics on other blogs and had no idea what they were talking about until recently.  Now I am apart of it and here is the link TUSAL.  The rules are simple and you can join in anytime!!  That is good :D.  Here is my picture of my "Jar"  I have an idea now of what I would like to do buuuut we'll see... hmmm....

A LONG over due update

I have been working on my niece's piece called "Let it Bee..." and I have been taking update pictures but I keep forgetting to blog about it!  I am sorry you guys.  There is no no no NO excuse for this what. so. ever.  So without further ado... I have lots... well a few pictures for you guys of where I am at.

 I am backstitching on this piece and I have a frame in mind that I think would be great for this!!  I only have been working on this for a little bit everyday because my boyfriend just recently moved to Portland and we were spending a lot of time together so I didn't want to let this get in the way of "our time".  I have also been working on the grass growing in the backyard and with living in's almost near impossible but there has been grass growing, and I have been doing my niece's hair just about everyday with all different ways of braiding or at least doing the same braid in just different styles.... lol.

Hope ya'll enjoyed!

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Camino Del Inca

So I went on a shopping spree with my boyfriend and he wanted to show me the new look of a restaurant we like going to - Delux. I wasn't entirely hungry but after getting a mani-pedi and the restaurant was right there and they had sliders that you can get individually or a group of three.... I caved. My boyfriend wanted wine so we ordered a white wine. He likes to follow trends and seasons as I like to get what I want whenever. But I decided to go with what he wanted.

On the nose:

1. Watermelon
2. Pear
3. Grapes

On the palate:

1. Watered down fruit
2. Flowery
3. Honey

On the nose i got hit with lots of fruity smells such as watermelon, pear, and grapes. This wine smelt sweet but I couldn't quite put my finger on what it exactly was. I was very excited to taste this wine with my food. Trying Camino I was very pleased as it was thin and airy but taste like watery fruit as my first reaction but then the honey came in and then a flower feel like daisy petals. I paired this with three sliders

1. With Monterey Jack Cheese
2. With American Cheese
3. With Mozzarella.

I had the Mozzarella and half the Monterey Jack. My boyfriend had the American and the other half of the Monterey Jack. Camino brought out the spices of the slider's relish, and the sweetness of the ketchup. This wine also went great with the french fries as well. This wine was like a bit of fresh air with the sliders and all their flavours. It was nice to have this wine bring out more flavours but relax them with the watery fruit so the sliders weren't too powerful in your face.

Overall this was a good wine, it was thin, light, cool, and refreshing. Something I would drink on a cool summer day watching the grass grow in my back yard lol. This wine retails for $20-25 and since we were at a restaurant we paid $36, and it's 13.5% alcohol. Camino Del Inca is a 2010 cork, white wine, from Argentina. Now pictures!!!


Let me know if this was helpful or if more was needed. If you tried this wine or get to try this let me know what you thought of it in the comments :).

*disclaimer: Drink at your own risk.

Thursday, July 5, 2012

June Wrap-up

I have been in a slump for quite some time now with my stitching.  I have been looking for a job so sometimes it may seem like I've been neglectent, but I have not.  But lets just get to it.

Goals for June:

1.  Stitch on my Mermaids.  Haha nope.  When Mr. Frog came for a visit I stopped.
2.  Start a new project for a going away gift.  I found one but... I don't have it.
3.  Do another wine review sometime this month.  Ehh.....
4.  Try to get a grip on my rotation schedule and stick to it haha.  Did not happen and will not be apart of my goal list.

Unexpected this month:  Started a small project that is going to my Nieces.

Goals for July:

1.  Stitch on my Mermaids.
2.  Finish up my new start for my nieces.
3. Work on my UFO's.
4. Do a Wine review.  (I feel as though this should never be on my goal list lol.).

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

ATC Exchange #1

Soooo... I took part last month in my first ATC exchange, which means Artist Trading Cards for those that have no idea what I'm talking about.  I am very pleased with hwo mine did turn out except how I finished it off.  Well my recipient really likes it and and I am pleased with that.  The one I recieved I erally like as well and it's interesting how on such a simple theme there are so many interpretations that can be done.  The cards were sent out the beginning of this month and mine went to Sweden and sending it from America snail mail took about 3ish weeks and mine came from I believe the UK... at least Europe lol England.  I'm really bad at rememberin such details.  I was just too excited for taking part in this exchange.



Group:  crossstitchforum
Theme: London Olympics
Stitched By: Jo, England
Sent To:  ME!


Group:  crossstitchforum
Theme:  London Olympics
Stitched By:  ME!
Sent To:  Agi, Sweden
Information:  Stitched on off-white 28 count linen. The UK flag is sitched 1-over-1 with floss red, blue, and white, finished with Metallic grey beads, and the olympic rings attached with a sepreate piece of fabric.  Desigtned by ME!


As many of you probably can see why I am not happy with the finish....  I tried to save it but once I decided to cut it real close the edge of the piece it all went down hill fast.  So I am more than likely going to restitch it and send her the new one which will look exactly the same but with a better finish/polished look.

Monday, June 4, 2012

A New Start

I started a new project today. I helped out a friend of mine today and since I had a long wait for him to get off from work and I forgot my mermaids I decided to start something new. Here in Phoenix we have a needlework shop that I had no idea about. I was very excited and wanted to check them out. Of course I did the smart thing first by calling to see if they had any fabric for cross stitching. I was informed they do. So I started my journey to their location, which was only a few minutes away from my friends work. When I arrived I kindly asked where the fabrics were located at. That's when I heard it, "we don't sell fabric here, only floss, yarn, and other form of threads".... Soo needless to say I was a bit upset. So I went to Michaels instead. Now Michaels has like zero cross stitch stuff, it was depressing! But the little they do have... is nothing too exciting. I did however find a cute project that would be great for my nieces room. After purchasing my cute find I went to a Starbucks nearby and just had uninterrupted stitching for a couple of hours. Then this lady wanted to sit with me at my table. She pulled her stitching stuff out and stitched along with me. Now I'm not one to stitch with others for I become a control freak and want to fix everything I think they are doing wrong. But it was nice having someone to stitch with and talk to. Okay, now I can show you what I have been working on and how much I got accomplished. It's a Dimensions kit and although I have 2 other kits this one seems like it will be a quick finish.

Sunday, June 3, 2012

May Wrap-Up

This past month was really... Interesting...  I reconnected with a friend which he became my boyfriend and I am very excited and happy for that.  I partook in my first ATC exchange and come to realize I take forever in designing a piece and am very elaborate with how I want things to look... which I don't know if that is a good thing or a bad thing.... IDK and IDC haha LOL OMG ASKDJITEOWHNG... ookay back to reality and my goals.  I didn't stitch on any of my projects but I did stitch this month and I am just waiting for my card to reach it recipient before I show all of you guys.

Goals for May:

1.  Do at least some stitching on anything!!!  I did for an ATC exchange YEEESSS!!!
2.  Now that I have my wine do a review this weekend!  I did a review before the month was over...
3.  Leave comments on other blogs!  I tried but I think I was messing up because they never appeared....

Goals for June:

1.  Stitch on my Mermaids.
2.  Start a new project for a going away gift.
3.  Do another wine review sometime this month.
4.  Try to get a grip on my rotation schedule and stick to it haha. 

A Day of Silence

I found out a friend of mine past away last night at the age of 28.  So today is a little somber and everyone who knew this young man is reflecting on the great things he has accomplished in his life. He was such a blessing to get to know and have as a friend he brought joy and laughter wherever he went.  He will be missed and now in Heaven there wont be sad tears but joyful tears for I know he is bringing an umbundance of joy and laughter there that has probably never been expierenced to date.  And today he was able to hear the praise and worship this morning as he walked upon the streets of gold.  R.I.P Derek "DJ" Wampler!  You will be missed.

**He was deaf hence the "I LOVE YOU" in sign towards Heaven.**

Thursday, May 31, 2012

Stitching Oasis

On Tuesday my boyfriend had to talk to a friend of the family who happened to be a priest, so we went to a catholic church.  I had my stitching stuff with me so I can work.  I walked around the grounds of the church to see if I could find a nice area to stitch that morning.  I did stitch in the main office but I felt wierd and everyone kept looking at me strange as they would walk by.  So I decided to hunt down a beautiful area.  Which I did find one location but it was a "prayer" garden, I thought it was a bad idea to stitch there.  Then I stumbled across this little area.

What I am working on is an ATC for the forum I am on.   The theme is the olympics.  I will share with you all after my recipient recieves it, and... after I send it out tomorrow. 

I really want my own Oasis in the backyard, but I can't seem to get anything growing except weeds.  I killed my rose bush, on accident.... I swear...  But there is some grass growing, well just around the edges the rest is either dead grass, dead weeds, or alive weeds. I do water just about everyday to keep that grass there, and I do keep looking at rose bushes and information on how to keep one alive!  BUT! I will get my stitching oasis if it means I need to procure one... hmmm... yeesss procure one >:D HEHEHEHEHE.

*goes off to search the neighborhood.*

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Nine Walks

On Monday I went out on a double date with my boyfriend and another couple we knew.  We went to a Chinese restaurant at the request from the other couple.  My boyfriend has been wanting white wines, specifically Sauvignon Blanc, so we decided to order a bottle and the one he decided was Nine Walks.  I am not really a white wine person but more of a red wine, I have also been practicing on my wine tasting skills.  He saw me at once pull out my phone and started to type away.  He knew I was getting ready to do a review.  He made fun of me when I first brought it up but this day he didn't.  I don't know what he was thinking but the best part is he didn't make fun of me....  That's my boyfriend's hand on the bottle.  He wanted some and didn't realize I was taking a picture. 

On the Nose:

     1. Orange
     2. Peaches
     3. Mint
     4. and a nutmeg smell

On the Palate:

     1.  Berries
     2. Nutmeg (Spices)
     3. Mint
     4. Citrus

On the nose I had a sense of freshness and the wine actually had a bland/boring taste and aftertaste to start, but as I drank the first glass the wine started to improve and you could actually taste the citrus and nutmeg together (or the spices) and the aftertaste became citrusy and lingered with sweetness that I was getting really excited about but the aftertaste progressed becoming horrible with a bitter burnt taste.  I paired this wine with sweet and sour chicken, and the wine tasted great with this meal for only a few bites.  The sweetness complimented the bitterness aftertaste to make the wine bearable to drink.  The dinner also brought out more of a spiciness to the wine.  The wine stayed in a chiller which was very kind of the server. After I had finished my dinner is when you could tell how acidic the wine had succumb to and became unbearable.  I had to start shooting the wine back just to finish it because I couldn't handle the bitter taste anymore. 

This wine definitely had an arch of progression.  It started off bland progressed with a sweetness, which I was expecting from a Sauvignon Blanc, and then took a sour note real quick.  The pairing although not really conventional, and I am one who never really cares about pairing, did compliment and cover up a lot of the sour bitter burnt taste that occurred.  This wine retails for $10-$11 (but we were at a restaurant so we paid $26) and is 12.7% alcohol.  Nine Walks is a New Zealand (Marlborough), screw top, Sauvignon Blanc white wine.

Disclaimer:  Drink at your own risk.

*Let me know if there is any information you would like when I do my next wine review.  This is my first so I can definitely improve!

Friday, May 4, 2012

April Wrap-Up

Well... This past month was not a good month for stitching or anything ony because my house was infested with spiders so that had to be taken care of.  My internet was down for a while and recently back up.  Also my stitching bug is missing and I am trying to find it.   But I do have some good news.  I found a bottle of wine in my house!!  I had hid it so it wouldn't get stolen by my sister and her... uhhh... father of her kids.... they are not dating so I don't know what to "call" him...  Anyways, I found a bottle that I had and clearly I am good at hiding things.  If I can't find it, no one can haha.

Goals for April:

1. Stitch at least 10 hours on both "Woodland Enchantress" and Thomas Kinkade's "Beauty and the Beast". Ha- not even close.
2.  Finally do a wine review for you guys. Found a Bottle!
3.  Leave comments on other blogs.  (I have looked but have not left any comments, sorry about that). Err...
4.  Have the DMC part on the first mermaid finished. Nope!

Goals for May:

1.  Do at least some stitching on anything!!!
2.  Now that I have my wine do a review this weekend!
3.  Leave comments on other blogs!

This month seems great.  My oldest Niece just turned 3 years old yesterday and there are no more SPIDERS!!!

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

UFO week

So I am apart of a forum and this is their UFO week.  I normally don't have any, ANY, UFOs buuut.... I did an obligation stitching last year and I put my Woodland Enchantress on hold... eeerr... well.. I just stopped stitching on it completely!  I was in denial for a long time about this fact.  Now that I am admitting it I have decided to work on it this week as my UFO project for this week.  The  UFO time is the first seven days of the month, you read correctly SEVEN days, i.e. August 1st-7th.  So for any of you that have any UFOs and do not have any time or don't know when to find time, don't hesitate, join me the rest of the week and pull out your UFO and stitch away :D.

Here it is as of April 1st:

Now April 7th:

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Secrets In The Garden

I have NOT stitched at all last week.  Even though I had a lot of time I decided to use it to research on gardens.  My family has moved into this rental house and the backyard has a patch of grass... well, dead grass and it's surrounded by rocks.  Soo I decided I would water it and get the grass growing as well as kill the weeds in the rocks and plant some flowers.  My favourite types of gardens are cottage gardens and fairytale gardens.  So I thought what a nifty idea to do my own garden in the back yard.  Turn the place into an oasis in which I could retreat have a glass of wine (If I ever get to open one, or find where they are hiding.) read a book and stitch.  Also I thought it would be great for my nieces and nephew to learn about gardening.  I had one when I was a little lad but only a vegetable garden.  My mom is allergic to bees so flowers were outlawed in our land.  Now my mom can tough it up and I told her "If you get stung it's because you scared the bees, remember they are more afraid of us than we are of them."

Well I did water the yard but very little grass grew... Weeds shot up like a body builder on steroids!  So now I have to mow the lawn to cut the weeds down.  I am planning on using some type of fertilizer or a grass seeds to help the yard out and kill the weeds and not the grass.  Now the weeds in the rocks... those are another story.  I did pull some but I wanted something to spray on them so I can manage it a little better.  So my parents actually bought me a weed spray killer, Round Up extended controller,  It has been doing it's job!!  I give it 10 stars.  The container said "You will see noticible results within 6 hours.".  I saw results within 3 hours!  I do have 5 trees in my backyard and about 5 bushes...  I think...  Well three of the trees look dead, just aweful, and so do a couple of the bushes... One I think I killed by accident with the weed killer, it was covered and surrounded by weeds... Oops...  So I am going to contact the landlord and see if:  a. They can replace the dead plants or b. If we can replace them.  I will be happy either way (of course them replacing it would be better).  I also bought myself a rose bush.  It is a white hybrid tea called "Honor", I really want Pope John Paul II.  I did see somewhere online it being sold, so I will have to see... hmm... anyways.  it is in my backyard but still in the pot. Later this week it will either go in the ground or a bigger pot, so it can be moved if needed.  Now some pictures!!

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Mermaids of the Deep Blue

So I have been pretty busy these past couple of weeks, looking for a job, so I wasn't able to do any stitching at all. I decided I would push myself and do as much as I could on Monday... Which was only 3 hours worth of stitching. To me it doesn't look like a lot; but I am proud of my progress. Since I have more time this week I will be stitching a lot more on these lovely ladies. The fabric looks a bit grey as I did take the picture with the sun beating down on the fabric... oopsie..

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Mermaids of the Deep Blue

I have been slowly progressing on these girls for the past couple of weeks. I became very ill and I thought it was just food poisoning.... Err.... Not the case. I had a horrible flu and my nieces and nephew got it as well. So we're all three of us have been cuddling on the couch watching all the Scooby Doo movies we have. Once I have gotten over this bug I will drink a glass of wine. I have on waiting for me! :D.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Mermaids of the Deep Blue

My mermaids have been a joy to work on and here is a before and after of one week of complete stitching. I haven't put any stitching in since this past week I have moved. Without further ado here is the before and after.

Wine and Stitching:

There are two things I love in life 1. Wine and 2. Stitching thanks to my friend and my mom. So join me on my journey of wine drinking... I mean tastings, and my stitching addiction.

My current works in progress (wips):

1. Mirabilia "Mermaids of the Deep Blue"
2. Thomas Kinkade "Beauty and the Beast"
3. Dimensions Gold "Woodland Enchantress"