Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Secrets In The Garden

I have NOT stitched at all last week.  Even though I had a lot of time I decided to use it to research on gardens.  My family has moved into this rental house and the backyard has a patch of grass... well, dead grass and it's surrounded by rocks.  Soo I decided I would water it and get the grass growing as well as kill the weeds in the rocks and plant some flowers.  My favourite types of gardens are cottage gardens and fairytale gardens.  So I thought what a nifty idea to do my own garden in the back yard.  Turn the place into an oasis in which I could retreat have a glass of wine (If I ever get to open one, or find where they are hiding.) read a book and stitch.  Also I thought it would be great for my nieces and nephew to learn about gardening.  I had one when I was a little lad but only a vegetable garden.  My mom is allergic to bees so flowers were outlawed in our land.  Now my mom can tough it up and I told her "If you get stung it's because you scared the bees, remember they are more afraid of us than we are of them."

Well I did water the yard but very little grass grew... Weeds shot up like a body builder on steroids!  So now I have to mow the lawn to cut the weeds down.  I am planning on using some type of fertilizer or a grass seeds to help the yard out and kill the weeds and not the grass.  Now the weeds in the rocks... those are another story.  I did pull some but I wanted something to spray on them so I can manage it a little better.  So my parents actually bought me a weed spray killer, Round Up extended controller,  It has been doing it's job!!  I give it 10 stars.  The container said "You will see noticible results within 6 hours.".  I saw results within 3 hours!  I do have 5 trees in my backyard and about 5 bushes...  I think...  Well three of the trees look dead, just aweful, and so do a couple of the bushes... One I think I killed by accident with the weed killer, it was covered and surrounded by weeds... Oops...  So I am going to contact the landlord and see if:  a. They can replace the dead plants or b. If we can replace them.  I will be happy either way (of course them replacing it would be better).  I also bought myself a rose bush.  It is a white hybrid tea called "Honor", I really want Pope John Paul II.  I did see somewhere online it being sold, so I will have to see... hmm... anyways.  it is in my backyard but still in the pot. Later this week it will either go in the ground or a bigger pot, so it can be moved if needed.  Now some pictures!!

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Mermaids of the Deep Blue

So I have been pretty busy these past couple of weeks, looking for a job, so I wasn't able to do any stitching at all. I decided I would push myself and do as much as I could on Monday... Which was only 3 hours worth of stitching. To me it doesn't look like a lot; but I am proud of my progress. Since I have more time this week I will be stitching a lot more on these lovely ladies. The fabric looks a bit grey as I did take the picture with the sun beating down on the fabric... oopsie..

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Mermaids of the Deep Blue

I have been slowly progressing on these girls for the past couple of weeks. I became very ill and I thought it was just food poisoning.... Err.... Not the case. I had a horrible flu and my nieces and nephew got it as well. So we're all three of us have been cuddling on the couch watching all the Scooby Doo movies we have. Once I have gotten over this bug I will drink a glass of wine. I have on waiting for me! :D.