Tuesday, April 3, 2012

UFO week

So I am apart of a forum www.crossstitchforum.com and this is their UFO week.  I normally don't have any, ANY, UFOs buuut.... I did an obligation stitching last year and I put my Woodland Enchantress on hold... eeerr... well.. I just stopped stitching on it completely!  I was in denial for a long time about this fact.  Now that I am admitting it I have decided to work on it this week as my UFO project for this week.  The  UFO time is the first seven days of the month, you read correctly SEVEN days, i.e. August 1st-7th.  So for any of you that have any UFOs and do not have any time or don't know when to find time, don't hesitate, join me the rest of the week and pull out your UFO and stitch away :D.

Here it is as of April 1st:

Now April 7th:


  1. She's gorgeous! I'm definitely gonna enjoy watching your progress on her.


  2. Hello

    Just found your blog.

    Your Woodland Enchantress is looking beautiful.