Wednesday, August 1, 2012

July Wrap-Up

Well this past month I was able to find my stitching mojo but worked only a little bit.  I am finding I get distracted pretty easily and especially with the Olympics I have been somewhat glued to my tv.  But I am stitching a little here and there during the boring parts of the Olympics... i.e... commercials and whatever sport I find boring.  I am happy that the US womens gymnastics got gold, but disappointed to what happened to Jordyn Wieber.  Even though she is a great gymnast, that day she just didn't perform and that's the day it really counts not your past trials.  I have also watch Equestrian as well.  I do love equestrian and actually pretty exciting that Mitt Romney's wife Ann Romney has a horse that is competing in the Olympics as well.  Even though the US didn't place at all it's still a fun fact.  I have always wanted to do equestrian.... but....  I just don't like the dressage part... it's like watching paint dry!  Swimming I just watch bits and pieces and that's it.  I am finding there are more and more controversies happening at evey olympics, even in badminton.  BADMINTON!!!  Seriously?!?!  here's the low down if you didn't know... Four teams (8 players in all) were disqualified from the Olympics this year for trying to manipulate who they played in the knock-out round by purposely throwing the round-robin stage to get an easier match-up later.  Seriously... what's next ping pong?

enough about that onto cross stitching.

Goals for July:

1.  Stitch on my Mermaids.  I did, buuuut.... I had to frog it all.2.  Finish up my new start for my nieces'.  Getting closer but no cigar.
3. Work on my UFO's. eeeehhhh......4. Do a Wine review.  (I feel as though this should never be on my goal list lol.).  Yeeesss!!

Goals for August:

1.  Finish my nieces' piece.
2.  work on my UFO's.
3.  Do a wine review.

I am keeping it simple this month for who knows what will happen!