Thursday, May 31, 2012

Stitching Oasis

On Tuesday my boyfriend had to talk to a friend of the family who happened to be a priest, so we went to a catholic church.  I had my stitching stuff with me so I can work.  I walked around the grounds of the church to see if I could find a nice area to stitch that morning.  I did stitch in the main office but I felt wierd and everyone kept looking at me strange as they would walk by.  So I decided to hunt down a beautiful area.  Which I did find one location but it was a "prayer" garden, I thought it was a bad idea to stitch there.  Then I stumbled across this little area.

What I am working on is an ATC for the forum I am on.   The theme is the olympics.  I will share with you all after my recipient recieves it, and... after I send it out tomorrow. 

I really want my own Oasis in the backyard, but I can't seem to get anything growing except weeds.  I killed my rose bush, on accident.... I swear...  But there is some grass growing, well just around the edges the rest is either dead grass, dead weeds, or alive weeds. I do water just about everyday to keep that grass there, and I do keep looking at rose bushes and information on how to keep one alive!  BUT! I will get my stitching oasis if it means I need to procure one... hmmm... yeesss procure one >:D HEHEHEHEHE.

*goes off to search the neighborhood.*

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