Thursday, July 5, 2012

June Wrap-up

I have been in a slump for quite some time now with my stitching.  I have been looking for a job so sometimes it may seem like I've been neglectent, but I have not.  But lets just get to it.

Goals for June:

1.  Stitch on my Mermaids.  Haha nope.  When Mr. Frog came for a visit I stopped.
2.  Start a new project for a going away gift.  I found one but... I don't have it.
3.  Do another wine review sometime this month.  Ehh.....
4.  Try to get a grip on my rotation schedule and stick to it haha.  Did not happen and will not be apart of my goal list.

Unexpected this month:  Started a small project that is going to my Nieces.

Goals for July:

1.  Stitch on my Mermaids.
2.  Finish up my new start for my nieces.
3. Work on my UFO's.
4. Do a Wine review.  (I feel as though this should never be on my goal list lol.).

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