Thursday, July 19, 2012


This is my first TUSAL and for those of you that don't know what it means... it means... uuuhhh... *Goes to look it up for a refresher*  "Totally Useless Stitch-A-Long".  It's mainly a jar or any container that you want to use to keep all the threadings from your stitching.  I have been doing this already but have not really participated and I was one of those... "What the Stitch?!?!"  Whenever I saw the pics on other blogs and had no idea what they were talking about until recently.  Now I am apart of it and here is the link TUSAL.  The rules are simple and you can join in anytime!!  That is good :D.  Here is my picture of my "Jar"  I have an idea now of what I would like to do buuuut we'll see... hmmm....

A LONG over due update

I have been working on my niece's piece called "Let it Bee..." and I have been taking update pictures but I keep forgetting to blog about it!  I am sorry you guys.  There is no no no NO excuse for this what. so. ever.  So without further ado... I have lots... well a few pictures for you guys of where I am at.

 I am backstitching on this piece and I have a frame in mind that I think would be great for this!!  I only have been working on this for a little bit everyday because my boyfriend just recently moved to Portland and we were spending a lot of time together so I didn't want to let this get in the way of "our time".  I have also been working on the grass growing in the backyard and with living in's almost near impossible but there has been grass growing, and I have been doing my niece's hair just about everyday with all different ways of braiding or at least doing the same braid in just different styles.... lol.

Hope ya'll enjoyed!

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Camino Del Inca

So I went on a shopping spree with my boyfriend and he wanted to show me the new look of a restaurant we like going to - Delux. I wasn't entirely hungry but after getting a mani-pedi and the restaurant was right there and they had sliders that you can get individually or a group of three.... I caved. My boyfriend wanted wine so we ordered a white wine. He likes to follow trends and seasons as I like to get what I want whenever. But I decided to go with what he wanted.

On the nose:

1. Watermelon
2. Pear
3. Grapes

On the palate:

1. Watered down fruit
2. Flowery
3. Honey

On the nose i got hit with lots of fruity smells such as watermelon, pear, and grapes. This wine smelt sweet but I couldn't quite put my finger on what it exactly was. I was very excited to taste this wine with my food. Trying Camino I was very pleased as it was thin and airy but taste like watery fruit as my first reaction but then the honey came in and then a flower feel like daisy petals. I paired this with three sliders

1. With Monterey Jack Cheese
2. With American Cheese
3. With Mozzarella.

I had the Mozzarella and half the Monterey Jack. My boyfriend had the American and the other half of the Monterey Jack. Camino brought out the spices of the slider's relish, and the sweetness of the ketchup. This wine also went great with the french fries as well. This wine was like a bit of fresh air with the sliders and all their flavours. It was nice to have this wine bring out more flavours but relax them with the watery fruit so the sliders weren't too powerful in your face.

Overall this was a good wine, it was thin, light, cool, and refreshing. Something I would drink on a cool summer day watching the grass grow in my back yard lol. This wine retails for $20-25 and since we were at a restaurant we paid $36, and it's 13.5% alcohol. Camino Del Inca is a 2010 cork, white wine, from Argentina. Now pictures!!!


Let me know if this was helpful or if more was needed. If you tried this wine or get to try this let me know what you thought of it in the comments :).

*disclaimer: Drink at your own risk.

Thursday, July 5, 2012

June Wrap-up

I have been in a slump for quite some time now with my stitching.  I have been looking for a job so sometimes it may seem like I've been neglectent, but I have not.  But lets just get to it.

Goals for June:

1.  Stitch on my Mermaids.  Haha nope.  When Mr. Frog came for a visit I stopped.
2.  Start a new project for a going away gift.  I found one but... I don't have it.
3.  Do another wine review sometime this month.  Ehh.....
4.  Try to get a grip on my rotation schedule and stick to it haha.  Did not happen and will not be apart of my goal list.

Unexpected this month:  Started a small project that is going to my Nieces.

Goals for July:

1.  Stitch on my Mermaids.
2.  Finish up my new start for my nieces.
3. Work on my UFO's.
4. Do a Wine review.  (I feel as though this should never be on my goal list lol.).