Friday, May 4, 2012

April Wrap-Up

Well... This past month was not a good month for stitching or anything ony because my house was infested with spiders so that had to be taken care of.  My internet was down for a while and recently back up.  Also my stitching bug is missing and I am trying to find it.   But I do have some good news.  I found a bottle of wine in my house!!  I had hid it so it wouldn't get stolen by my sister and her... uhhh... father of her kids.... they are not dating so I don't know what to "call" him...  Anyways, I found a bottle that I had and clearly I am good at hiding things.  If I can't find it, no one can haha.

Goals for April:

1. Stitch at least 10 hours on both "Woodland Enchantress" and Thomas Kinkade's "Beauty and the Beast". Ha- not even close.
2.  Finally do a wine review for you guys. Found a Bottle!
3.  Leave comments on other blogs.  (I have looked but have not left any comments, sorry about that). Err...
4.  Have the DMC part on the first mermaid finished. Nope!

Goals for May:

1.  Do at least some stitching on anything!!!
2.  Now that I have my wine do a review this weekend!
3.  Leave comments on other blogs!

This month seems great.  My oldest Niece just turned 3 years old yesterday and there are no more SPIDERS!!!

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  1. Hi

    you have some lovely stitching.

    Good luck for your May goals.