Monday, June 4, 2012

A New Start

I started a new project today. I helped out a friend of mine today and since I had a long wait for him to get off from work and I forgot my mermaids I decided to start something new. Here in Phoenix we have a needlework shop that I had no idea about. I was very excited and wanted to check them out. Of course I did the smart thing first by calling to see if they had any fabric for cross stitching. I was informed they do. So I started my journey to their location, which was only a few minutes away from my friends work. When I arrived I kindly asked where the fabrics were located at. That's when I heard it, "we don't sell fabric here, only floss, yarn, and other form of threads".... Soo needless to say I was a bit upset. So I went to Michaels instead. Now Michaels has like zero cross stitch stuff, it was depressing! But the little they do have... is nothing too exciting. I did however find a cute project that would be great for my nieces room. After purchasing my cute find I went to a Starbucks nearby and just had uninterrupted stitching for a couple of hours. Then this lady wanted to sit with me at my table. She pulled her stitching stuff out and stitched along with me. Now I'm not one to stitch with others for I become a control freak and want to fix everything I think they are doing wrong. But it was nice having someone to stitch with and talk to. Okay, now I can show you what I have been working on and how much I got accomplished. It's a Dimensions kit and although I have 2 other kits this one seems like it will be a quick finish.

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