Tuesday, June 26, 2012

ATC Exchange #1

Soooo... I took part last month in my first ATC exchange, which means Artist Trading Cards for those that have no idea what I'm talking about.  I am very pleased with hwo mine did turn out except how I finished it off.  Well my recipient really likes it and and I am pleased with that.  The one I recieved I erally like as well and it's interesting how on such a simple theme there are so many interpretations that can be done.  The cards were sent out the beginning of this month and mine went to Sweden and sending it from America snail mail took about 3ish weeks and mine came from I believe the UK... at least Europe lol England.  I'm really bad at rememberin such details.  I was just too excited for taking part in this exchange.



Group:  crossstitchforum
Theme: London Olympics
Stitched By: Jo, England
Sent To:  ME!


Group:  crossstitchforum
Theme:  London Olympics
Stitched By:  ME!
Sent To:  Agi, Sweden
Information:  Stitched on off-white 28 count linen. The UK flag is sitched 1-over-1 with floss red, blue, and white, finished with Metallic grey beads, and the olympic rings attached with a sepreate piece of fabric.  Desigtned by ME!


As many of you probably can see why I am not happy with the finish....  I tried to save it but once I decided to cut it real close the edge of the piece it all went down hill fast.  So I am more than likely going to restitch it and send her the new one which will look exactly the same but with a better finish/polished look.

Monday, June 4, 2012

A New Start

I started a new project today. I helped out a friend of mine today and since I had a long wait for him to get off from work and I forgot my mermaids I decided to start something new. Here in Phoenix we have a needlework shop that I had no idea about. I was very excited and wanted to check them out. Of course I did the smart thing first by calling to see if they had any fabric for cross stitching. I was informed they do. So I started my journey to their location, which was only a few minutes away from my friends work. When I arrived I kindly asked where the fabrics were located at. That's when I heard it, "we don't sell fabric here, only floss, yarn, and other form of threads".... Soo needless to say I was a bit upset. So I went to Michaels instead. Now Michaels has like zero cross stitch stuff, it was depressing! But the little they do have... is nothing too exciting. I did however find a cute project that would be great for my nieces room. After purchasing my cute find I went to a Starbucks nearby and just had uninterrupted stitching for a couple of hours. Then this lady wanted to sit with me at my table. She pulled her stitching stuff out and stitched along with me. Now I'm not one to stitch with others for I become a control freak and want to fix everything I think they are doing wrong. But it was nice having someone to stitch with and talk to. Okay, now I can show you what I have been working on and how much I got accomplished. It's a Dimensions kit and although I have 2 other kits this one seems like it will be a quick finish.

Sunday, June 3, 2012

May Wrap-Up

This past month was really... Interesting...  I reconnected with a friend which he became my boyfriend and I am very excited and happy for that.  I partook in my first ATC exchange and come to realize I take forever in designing a piece and am very elaborate with how I want things to look... which I don't know if that is a good thing or a bad thing.... IDK and IDC haha LOL OMG ASKDJITEOWHNG... ookay back to reality and my goals.  I didn't stitch on any of my projects but I did stitch this month and I am just waiting for my card to reach it recipient before I show all of you guys.

Goals for May:

1.  Do at least some stitching on anything!!!  I did for an ATC exchange YEEESSS!!!
2.  Now that I have my wine do a review this weekend!  I did a review before the month was over...
3.  Leave comments on other blogs!  I tried but I think I was messing up because they never appeared....

Goals for June:

1.  Stitch on my Mermaids.
2.  Start a new project for a going away gift.
3.  Do another wine review sometime this month.
4.  Try to get a grip on my rotation schedule and stick to it haha. 

A Day of Silence

I found out a friend of mine past away last night at the age of 28.  So today is a little somber and everyone who knew this young man is reflecting on the great things he has accomplished in his life. He was such a blessing to get to know and have as a friend he brought joy and laughter wherever he went.  He will be missed and now in Heaven there wont be sad tears but joyful tears for I know he is bringing an umbundance of joy and laughter there that has probably never been expierenced to date.  And today he was able to hear the praise and worship this morning as he walked upon the streets of gold.  R.I.P Derek "DJ" Wampler!  You will be missed.

**He was deaf hence the "I LOVE YOU" in sign towards Heaven.**