Thursday, May 31, 2012

Stitching Oasis

On Tuesday my boyfriend had to talk to a friend of the family who happened to be a priest, so we went to a catholic church.  I had my stitching stuff with me so I can work.  I walked around the grounds of the church to see if I could find a nice area to stitch that morning.  I did stitch in the main office but I felt wierd and everyone kept looking at me strange as they would walk by.  So I decided to hunt down a beautiful area.  Which I did find one location but it was a "prayer" garden, I thought it was a bad idea to stitch there.  Then I stumbled across this little area.

What I am working on is an ATC for the forum I am on.   The theme is the olympics.  I will share with you all after my recipient recieves it, and... after I send it out tomorrow. 

I really want my own Oasis in the backyard, but I can't seem to get anything growing except weeds.  I killed my rose bush, on accident.... I swear...  But there is some grass growing, well just around the edges the rest is either dead grass, dead weeds, or alive weeds. I do water just about everyday to keep that grass there, and I do keep looking at rose bushes and information on how to keep one alive!  BUT! I will get my stitching oasis if it means I need to procure one... hmmm... yeesss procure one >:D HEHEHEHEHE.

*goes off to search the neighborhood.*

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Nine Walks

On Monday I went out on a double date with my boyfriend and another couple we knew.  We went to a Chinese restaurant at the request from the other couple.  My boyfriend has been wanting white wines, specifically Sauvignon Blanc, so we decided to order a bottle and the one he decided was Nine Walks.  I am not really a white wine person but more of a red wine, I have also been practicing on my wine tasting skills.  He saw me at once pull out my phone and started to type away.  He knew I was getting ready to do a review.  He made fun of me when I first brought it up but this day he didn't.  I don't know what he was thinking but the best part is he didn't make fun of me....  That's my boyfriend's hand on the bottle.  He wanted some and didn't realize I was taking a picture. 

On the Nose:

     1. Orange
     2. Peaches
     3. Mint
     4. and a nutmeg smell

On the Palate:

     1.  Berries
     2. Nutmeg (Spices)
     3. Mint
     4. Citrus

On the nose I had a sense of freshness and the wine actually had a bland/boring taste and aftertaste to start, but as I drank the first glass the wine started to improve and you could actually taste the citrus and nutmeg together (or the spices) and the aftertaste became citrusy and lingered with sweetness that I was getting really excited about but the aftertaste progressed becoming horrible with a bitter burnt taste.  I paired this wine with sweet and sour chicken, and the wine tasted great with this meal for only a few bites.  The sweetness complimented the bitterness aftertaste to make the wine bearable to drink.  The dinner also brought out more of a spiciness to the wine.  The wine stayed in a chiller which was very kind of the server. After I had finished my dinner is when you could tell how acidic the wine had succumb to and became unbearable.  I had to start shooting the wine back just to finish it because I couldn't handle the bitter taste anymore. 

This wine definitely had an arch of progression.  It started off bland progressed with a sweetness, which I was expecting from a Sauvignon Blanc, and then took a sour note real quick.  The pairing although not really conventional, and I am one who never really cares about pairing, did compliment and cover up a lot of the sour bitter burnt taste that occurred.  This wine retails for $10-$11 (but we were at a restaurant so we paid $26) and is 12.7% alcohol.  Nine Walks is a New Zealand (Marlborough), screw top, Sauvignon Blanc white wine.

Disclaimer:  Drink at your own risk.

*Let me know if there is any information you would like when I do my next wine review.  This is my first so I can definitely improve!

Friday, May 4, 2012

April Wrap-Up

Well... This past month was not a good month for stitching or anything ony because my house was infested with spiders so that had to be taken care of.  My internet was down for a while and recently back up.  Also my stitching bug is missing and I am trying to find it.   But I do have some good news.  I found a bottle of wine in my house!!  I had hid it so it wouldn't get stolen by my sister and her... uhhh... father of her kids.... they are not dating so I don't know what to "call" him...  Anyways, I found a bottle that I had and clearly I am good at hiding things.  If I can't find it, no one can haha.

Goals for April:

1. Stitch at least 10 hours on both "Woodland Enchantress" and Thomas Kinkade's "Beauty and the Beast". Ha- not even close.
2.  Finally do a wine review for you guys. Found a Bottle!
3.  Leave comments on other blogs.  (I have looked but have not left any comments, sorry about that). Err...
4.  Have the DMC part on the first mermaid finished. Nope!

Goals for May:

1.  Do at least some stitching on anything!!!
2.  Now that I have my wine do a review this weekend!
3.  Leave comments on other blogs!

This month seems great.  My oldest Niece just turned 3 years old yesterday and there are no more SPIDERS!!!