Thursday, August 1, 2013

UFO week

For me this is my UFO week, as well with a forum I am apart of, even though I haven't posted anything there and I am feeling a little guilty about that... but I will post soon.  For those of you that don't know UFO stands for Un-Finished Objects.  I will be working on Woodland Enchantress this week.  So if any of y'all have any UFO's pull them out and stitch on them this week.  Take a picture before you start and then at the end of the week take another and post them to show what you have done.  You might be surprised :).

The Great Emancipator

I have been working on "The Great Emancipator"  Which is a quote by Abraham Lincoln in the "Fathers of Freedom" series by Summer House Stitche Workes.  I am liking it a lot.  It's a small piece but it's taking some time to do and with my work schedule I don't always get a lot of time.  Like a couple of days ago I came home from work and went straight to bed.... and I slept until the next day... ooopsie. haha.  I made only one change so far which is the fabric.  I went with lambswool instead of the tea dyed linen, I didn;t like the yellow fabric.  I thought the lambswool would give more of an authentic paper look that has been aged.  I quite like it :).  I am also planning on beading some of the boarder but that is still to be determined.

as of July 31st

as of August 1st

Sorry if this seems rushed I just have to head to work :).  Hope y'all have a great day now :).

Sunday, July 28, 2013

More Stash, Progress, And A New Start

I just couldn't wait to start on one of the Father's of Freedom series and I needed fabric and some floss for all of the projects.  I also decided to complete the series by purchasing the 2nd in the series (I had 1 and 3 already).  I changed the fabric to 32ct Lambswool Belfast Linen and I thought about changing the colour of the red but decided to keep it.  I will also be adding beads to all of the projects in some way.  I will also be showing an update of Liberty (Lady of the Flag).  It looks like I haven't done a lot but I have.... lol.  I started The Great Emancipator, which is number 3 in the series.

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Portland Stitching Stash!!!

Oookay so when I was in Portland I was able to go to a LNS and get some stitching stash!  This has been a first for me to go to a LNS store.  I usually just go to Joanne's or on-line to get what I need.  More on-line than anything else.  I actually enjoyed it soo much that I want to go back to Portland just to go the store I went to.  I acutally went to two of them but only one of them was really awesome that I was in heaven.  Literally.  The two stores I went to was "The Playful Needle" and the other and my personal fav is "Acorn and Thread".  Alright time for some pictures!!!

 Here is everything that I got. two of my pieces were bought at The Playful Needle (Dressmaker's Daughter, and Santa).  The rest of them were bought at Acorn and Thread.

  •  Faerie Spring Fling
  •  Santa
  •  Dressmaker's Daughter
  •  Persephone
  •  The fabric is 32count Lugana Ash Rose
I'm planning on using the fabric for Persephone.  It is a little more pink than what the picture shows.  I fell in love with it right away and knew this piece would be perfect for her.
 Ink Circles Cirque des Cercles:  I am planning on doing this as full beads.  I saw it on Ink Circles website and thought it was brilliant and beautiful and since I haven't seen or heard anyone else doing it, I thought it would be great to do it as well.
  •  Chatelaine "Japanese Octogon Box"
1.  Mr. President
2.  The Great Emancipator

I just recently bought fabric, and floss for these lovely pieces and I also bought the "American Ambassador" to complete the set.  Yaay me.

I hope you enjoyed the goodies I bought.  I am trying to find another method so y'all can click on the images to see them up close... but that hasn't happened yet....

Saturday, July 20, 2013


Well I'm in Portland and I got some goodies. But for some reason my phone won't load up the pictures. I also have news on Liberty. I didn't finish get like planned. I made a huge mistake and had to start over. I will post the updated photo when I can. I will also post photos of what I got fro
Two LNS's. I am very pleased and excited because I got a few of my Favourite designer and a couple others that I do like that I wouldn't of gotten while here in Portland. I will also post a couple if pictures of my travels as well.

Thursday, June 20, 2013

A new start and a new GOAL!!!

So I got a new project.... and I started it!!  Yay!  Usually I am a little more controlled especially when I have 5 other projects and 3 of them have become UFOs... Anyways, I have always wanted to do something for 4th of July because I am really patriotic about my country; because of all the freedoms I am very proud and hopefully more freedoms are abound in the future not just for me but for others here in America and in other countries :D.  I have never really found a piece that called out to me like "Lady of the Flag" from Mirabilia.  I of course, thanks to my new job, was able to get all the items I needed from the pattern to fabric and all the floss and beads!   I had envisioned what fabric would look good because I wanted to see all the details, such as the beads pop off the fabric.  I believe I have chosen the right fabric - 32 count Twilight Blue linen.

Floss Toss:


Now the goal is to be finished by 4th of July!!  Which is in t-minus 14 days!!!  And the progress is after a few hours like 4ish... Either way this is my new project that I will be working on for the next 14 days.  *crossing fingers* I will finish.

Monday, June 17, 2013


I know I haven't been stitching or updating anything in a very long time.  I have been busy looking for a job and I have finaly received one.  I have been working over a month now and I was able to get some stitching stuff.  As I may have stated before, my mermaids had to be laid to rest out in the ocean blue, lol. If I haven't a quick synopsis will do:  My niece drew on my stitching with a permanent marker.  She wanted to show her artsie side hahaha.  Anyways, I have a new job and have been reinvigorated with my stitching!

I bought a couple of fabrics:  32 count Amsterdam Blue, and 32 count White Chocolate.

Here is a new start and a little progress on Mermaids of the Deep Blue:  2 weeks of Progress!