Thursday, February 14, 2013

One is the Loneliest..... Cupcake!

Since it is Valentine's Day and I am single and babysitting little ones.  I decided this would be a great opportunity to do a wine review on one of the wines I have that I have been afraid to try it for my gut tells me it will be bad.  I also made pizza tonight to go with my wine.

On the Nose:

1.  Rapsberries
2.  Flowers

On the Palate:

1.  Spices
2.  Sugar

On the nose, there was a hint of a sweet fruit which left an impression of raspberries.  There was also a light aroma of flowers... I want to say lavender specifically but flowers it will stay.  On the palate theer was an overwhelming hit of spices I couldn't really determine which spices but it was overwhelming and kick to it.  The spices were followed with a dose of sugar followed with a weird after taste.  I decided to let the wine breath for a little bit thinking "As it breathes it will get better".... errr that was not the case.  I pared this wine with pizza and I thought it fit for Valentine's Day if one is single like myself...  This wine did not get better with time it actually got worst.  The after taste was horrible, it was similar to that of a ballon taste - very rubbery.   As far as the pairing went... the wine did nothing for the pizza but the pizza def covered the horrid taste of the wine.  As my dinner went on I kept drinking less and less of this horrid wine.  I wanted to finish it and the only way I could was by inhaling the wine and not let it linger on my tongue at all.

 I really wanted to like this wine since there was the word Cupcake on the label... But that was not the case.  This was more of a bitter grapefruit and sour lemon than a cupcake.  Let's just say my gut institnct about this wine was correct and I shouldn't of had it.  This wine retailed for $10, the alcohol was not listed but I would assume it was about 7%.  Merlot, Cupecake Vineyard from California, cork, and red.

*Disclaimer:  Drink at your own risk.