Saturday, January 12, 2013

TUSAL Jan 2013

The first new moon of the year was yesterday do I'm late for this but better late than never... Which my English teacher said was not a good motto. For if a paper was late it was still a zero so she thought it was better to never turn in.  Anyways...  I just have been adding to my little mini flower vase becaues I haven't been stitchin a lot but thought "Eh, it will make it look nicer with more floss" and so more floss is being added.

For those that are visiting and have no idea what an ORT jar is or a TUSAL, well I will tell you a little snip bit.  An ORT jar means Old Ratty Threads:  It is the cut-aways from ending of threads on our projects.  Stitchers put the cut aways in any glass containers i.e., ornaments, cups, vases, ect. ect. and saves them for whatever.  TUSAL stands for Totally Useless Stitch A Longs:  Threads that are useless like cut-aways.  These are also put in glass jars as well.  Now once a month there is a new moon and that is when Stitchers post their TUSAL or ORT jars up for others to see how much floss they have accumilated for the month.  Any one can do this, there is a sign up HERE and all you need to do is leave a comment saying you are wanting to be apart of the fun.  There is no commitment at all.  Only when you can post any time around the new moon and if you miss one... No big deal... There is no flogging.  Well maybe the first time we wont flog you, but surely the second time we will Muwahahaha :D :D :D.... ooh jk jk hopefully you can't read this... I have always wondered if people actually try to read the little tiny font and if it actually makes an impact on anything... and you know what is really bugging me is do fish breath underwater?!?!  Also why does Ellen keep talking about her car........  So go ahead sign up and join the fun :D.

Hope any scooby-newbies will join and learned something new!

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