Thursday, January 24, 2013

Permanently Resting!

Sooo This happened a couple of weeks ago but My Niece got a hold of a permanent marker and coloured on my Mermaids!!  So they are premanently resting in the garbage.  I got some good advice from the Mirabilia facebook page but I decided it was too much of a waste and it did get rid of some the marker I could still see it.  My niece is only 2 and she was just showing off her artistic ability.... I would of prefered it not on my stitching...  But oh well.  Also it is not easy to get angry at a 2 year who is soo proud of her work and wanted to show it off.  All I could do is laugh and tell her good job but next time ask so I can give her some fabric she can colour on.  I can always redo them which I am planning on to.  Since today is my birthday I am purchasing myself some fabric(s) so I can stitch them up again.  Hopefully this time my needle will be swift!

I hope every one is having a great stitching day and hope your stiching is not being terrorized by some 2 year old.

p.s.: I also just gave my nice some white linen to colour on to her hearts content.  Hopefully that will prevent her from colouring on mine lol.

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