Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Portland Stitching Stash!!!

Oookay so when I was in Portland I was able to go to a LNS and get some stitching stash!  This has been a first for me to go to a LNS store.  I usually just go to Joanne's or on-line to get what I need.  More on-line than anything else.  I actually enjoyed it soo much that I want to go back to Portland just to go the store I went to.  I acutally went to two of them but only one of them was really awesome that I was in heaven.  Literally.  The two stores I went to was "The Playful Needle" and the other and my personal fav is "Acorn and Thread".  Alright time for some pictures!!!

 Here is everything that I got. two of my pieces were bought at The Playful Needle (Dressmaker's Daughter, and Santa).  The rest of them were bought at Acorn and Thread.

  •  Faerie Spring Fling
  •  Santa
  •  Dressmaker's Daughter
  •  Persephone
  •  The fabric is 32count Lugana Ash Rose
I'm planning on using the fabric for Persephone.  It is a little more pink than what the picture shows.  I fell in love with it right away and knew this piece would be perfect for her.
 Ink Circles Cirque des Cercles:  I am planning on doing this as full beads.  I saw it on Ink Circles website and thought it was brilliant and beautiful and since I haven't seen or heard anyone else doing it, I thought it would be great to do it as well.
  •  Chatelaine "Japanese Octogon Box"
1.  Mr. President
2.  The Great Emancipator

I just recently bought fabric, and floss for these lovely pieces and I also bought the "American Ambassador" to complete the set.  Yaay me.

I hope you enjoyed the goodies I bought.  I am trying to find another method so y'all can click on the images to see them up close... but that hasn't happened yet....

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